Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Break& My New Kitchen

So Christmas break has come and gone (as of tomorrow morning at 8 am when class starts again. yuk!) Christmas was fabulous and it was really the first Christmas Colin and I spent together because he was in India last year over Christmas.

Colin totally went over the budget we agreed on and it was awesome! Love you babe. We had a lot of sitting around to do over the break and it got pretty boring.

I decided that I hate winter. I love the pretty snow but why does it have to be so freaking cold outside so I'm stuck inside with nothing to do.

So we decided to start a project and it really just turned into my project because Colin had to work. I painted our kitchen cabinets. It was quite the accomplishment for me considering I am usually pretty lazy when it comes to thing like that.

I think it turned out fabulous and I am very proud of my work. And I only obtained minor injures in the process. As I was on a stool painting a top cabinet I was telling Colin, "I know you don't think I am very capable of things like this, but I am." and right as I was saying that the stool slipped and I came crashing down.

I got a nasty bruise on my knee but it was pretty funny. So I know you are wondering what the kitchen looks like now. You are so lucky because I am going to show you. Here are some before and after pictures to satisfy your immense curiosity.




Yay! I think it looks so much brighter and happier!

Also here is a little treat for you. Our New Years wasn't anything too excited but I did get my New Year kiss from my sweetie.
(Colin hates Kissy pictures so don't tell him this is on here.)


whitney said...

i seriously love the cabinets! oh and guess what...everyone vetoed my green cabinets and now i kind of agree with them, so they will most likely be white when you see them next.

Katie said...

It looks great Marissa! Very profesh!

Michelle said...

oooh marissa, cute kitchen! I love the cabinet color against your black appliances, it's so pretty!