Sunday, December 20, 2009

Puppy Problems

So we got a puppy!
And now we don't have him any more.
Sad yes I know.

Story behind this intriguing opening:

So we have been wanting a dog for so long.
We found this beautiful newfoundland mix puppy on ksl so we went and saw him
and I feel in love.
He obviously was in love with me too.
I had visions of him wearing a cute little Santa hat and playing in our backyard.
So we bought him.
It was the most spontaneous thing we had done in a long time.
It felt like such a rush. We were dog owners.
In the car I started to notice that my skin was starting to itch alot and a rash was forming. I tried to tell myself it was nothing. We went to the pet store to get the necessities and everyone commented on how cute puppy.
Seriously the little guy was irresistible.
We get home and I notice that my nose is runny, I'm sneezing and my rash is getting worse.
No bueno.
Maybe I'm getting a cold I tell Colin, like it's no big deal. I don't want him to take our new puppy away because he's worried about me.
We named him beau.
To make a long story short my allergies didn't get better. They get worse and we realize maybe this is not going to work. plus the cute little booger took a poop on my carpet; also no bueno. We found a very nice home with children and another dog he can play with.
i cried.
Colin pretended he didn't cry and he was gone from our lives.
It was a dramatic weekend for us.

This is the first and only picture we have together. Right after this picture my lips broke out in a rash. Love you beau but I can have none of that. I value my good non itchy skin and clear sinus's alittle too much.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Finals Week

Dear Finals,

I really do hate you. You are really cramping my style. If you could just leave and never come back into my life. (I know this may not be plausible but if you could just pretend) Thanks!


A stressed out student

Friday, December 11, 2009

1st Photo

So I randomly came across this picture today.

The first picture we ever took together.

My hair looks so disgusting but we had stayed out late the night before and then he called me early in the morning to go shopping and stuff with him so I neglected to shower.

I remember exactly what we did that day.

We bought these ugly green couches from DI for the Cabin that Colin and his friends lived it. The love seat was taking up pretty much the whole car so Colin and I had to sit in the front seat together..... we took this picture. Soon after Colin made it his facebook profile picture. Then I knew he loved me.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Welcome to the world Mr. Nathan Reed Tressler.

This is the newest edition to the family.
My sister Leanne's 4th baby.
That now puts the niece and nephew count at 10 for us.
I love new born babies.
I love looking at their tiny perfect little bodies and thinking they just came directly from heaven.
I sometimes get overwhelmed thinking of being a mother someday, I'm not equiped to be completely in charge of someone else's life and make sure they grow up to be a decent human being. How do I teach them everything they need to know and be like the awesome mom I had? Then I look at a little baby like this and realize I could do it. Heaven knows I'm not ready right now, but someday I will be. And I'm excited about that someday.

And I'm pretty sure this guy will be a great daddy. Someday.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Merry Christmas

or Happy Hanukkah, whatever your flavor.

The month of December is upon us and the Christmas Spirit has sprung in the Schmutz household.

The Christmas tree is up, the ornament hung and the lights lit. Now if school could just be over already that would be fabulous.

And just so everyone knows, as i sit here writing this post my husband is sitting next to me calling to vote over and over again for his favorites on So You Think You Can Dance. Yes, I already called him a nerd for it.