Thursday, January 7, 2010


So as you can see by the title and this picture this post will be provocative.
Exciting huh?

Okay not so provocative but provocative enough (I just love writing that word provocative. I wonder how many times I can do it in this post).

So I don't know if you have seen the new Reebok easytone commerciasl but let's just say they are provocative. I mean it is a shoe commercial and the entire commercial minus the last two seconds focus in on a woman's boobs and butt. I mean really? Is this what we are coming to, where even shoe commercials have to be sexified (not sure if that's a word, whatever)? I contemplated if I should post the link to the commercial but I think you should see it to know what I am talking about it.
So here is it.
Go watch it if you want to see something provocative.

Did you watch it yet?

okay good.

Isn't that terrible?

So anyways I decided to send my good friends at Reebok a little email letting them know what I thought about their provocative antics in advertising.
Here is what I said:

To whom it may concern,

I don't know if this is the correct way to relay this message but hopefully someone will read this and take it into account. I just wanted to let you know that as a faithfully Reebok customer you have lost my business for life because of your recent commercials. I think they are completely classless and show a cry of desperation. You are not selling shoes you are selling women's body parts. I am offended as a woman of these completely degrading images of boobs and a butt shown so close and and as objects and not attached to an actual womans face or character. I would be ashamed to have my children see this commercial. We live in a day where we are all desensitized by the media yet your boldness in displaying nothing but pure sexuality in your shoe commercials surprised me when not much else does. You tactic of being noticed might be working but I am hear to tell you I noticed and because of it, I will never buy a Reebok shoe again.

A Former Reebok Customer

Awesome right? I felt so empowered that I, as a consumer and a woman was able to tell this company how I felt and stand up for something that I thought was wrong.

And surprisingly they wrote me back. This is what they said:


Thank you very much for your feedback. All consumer feedback is helpful, as it provides us with an understanding of the public perception and opinion of our products and marketing.

The Reebok EasyTone ads were created to clearly illustrate the unique benefits of the footwear in a fun and bold way. The feedback we have received tells us that many consumers look at the ads in exactly that light, however we acknowledge that some consumers do take exception with the content of the ads.

You can be assured that your feedback will be relayed directly to our marketing team.

Reebok Corporate Communications

I must admit I was pretty impressed that they wrote me back at all. Kodos there but are you really going to relay my message directly to your marketing team? and were all the consumers that you interviewed that saw these ads as fun men? Thanks Reebok but no thanks.

So I hope that maybe you will this and agree with me that a business that acts in such a classless and degrading way towards women does not deserve your business. Boycott Reebok.

*(so after reading this I realized that I may sound kind of crazy and prudish to people. I would like to think that I'm not but hey whatever if you think I am)


Kim said...

I don't think you sound crazy at all. I've seen that commercial tons of times and I feel awkward when I see it with my husband and when I've seen it alone. A real woman doesn't look that way. That woman in the ad has had plastic surgery or an eating disorder or a lot of photo editing. I don't want my future children exposed to ads like that either. Its spiritually destructive and bad for self-esteem. Your totally right about all that. Kudos to you for writing them an e-mail. I should do the same.

Tyson & Gina said...

Way to go! I'm proud of you! It's revolting what they allow on tv these days. Maybe I'll write to them too.

bonbon said...

wow riss. You're getting all proactive (not to be confused with provocative) and political and involved. That must have happened when you got married. In any case I am proud of you. And that's pretty awesome that Reebok wrote you back.

Peterson Family said...


mckell said...

You. Rock. I feel the same way about Carl's Jr. at the moment. I feel inspired to speak out more often. Thanks. You go girl.

Leanne said...

You learned something from me!!! Excellent, now you can write Carl's Jr about miss Kim's boobs.

Katie said...

Thanks to you, you inspired me to write Carl's Jr. But I haven't seen that reebok commercial 'til just now and wow......that's terrible. Anyway, thanks for being a great example. :)

Rachel said...

Way to go Marissa! Good job standing up for what you believe.

The Byrd Family said...

I think you are awesome!!