Friday, January 15, 2010


Gross Heidi. I never really liked you but I must say you looked better before your plastic surgery honey. And If you are asking me your boobs have reached the size of grossness... just saying. also Tiger Woods is a dirtbag...just saying.

On the other hand, I'm digging the new hair for Kate. You go girl. Just because you have freaking 8 kids and you husband left you for their third grade teacher doesn't mean you can't look hot.


Boshard Fam said...

Seriously, Heidi now looks like something straight out of Hugh Heffner's mansion. By the way, I wrote to reebok to see if I'd get the same letter. No reply yet.

whitney said...

totally agree with everything. except for the part about not liking heidi. i love the hills. oh and i have no idea why you can't comment. i'll have to look into that.

Katie said... everything

bonbon said...

marissa you can't just blog about celebrities you know...just saying

Lindsey said...

What! I didn't even know you guys had a blog. Wow, I'm so excited! How is everything? We miss you! By the way, I love the new kitchen. You guys are getting so good at your little projects!