Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This is why I don't post more pictures of us

So for some odd reason we have a lot of trouble taking any normal picture together. First and foremost it is not physically possible for Colin to make a normal smiling face in a picture (yes it's a cute face honey but not normal). And I can always find a problem with myself in a picture. Yesterday we actually got in a little disagreement about it. I mean honestly why should it be such a hard thing. It kind of went like this.

Me: Oh sick I look gross in this picture. I need to tilt my head down more.
(you can tell Colin is already doing the i'm fake excited about this face)

Me: Oh sick, my cheeks look so fat in this picture and Colin can you just smile please.
Colin: oh my gosh you do not look fat.

Me: Colin! Can you please just take a normal picture. Just act like you are enjoying being my husband.

Colin: I freaking hate taking pictures especially close up ones.
Me: Sorry I want to document out lives together. I'll never ask you to take a picture with me again.
Colin: You've said that before.

(About a half hour later after I was finished "pouting" as Colin says)
Colin: i love pictures. I really wish that we took more pictures together. I think we should definitely take more pictures.
Me: Oh please

So we got one half way decent picture but learned a valuable lesson. I better always look good in the first picture because I may not get another!


Barratt Family said...

yay Im so glad i found your blog i was actually looking gina's when i found yours! You and colin are so cute and this post was hilarious (serious, i laughed)! you guys look like your doing great! Im so happy for you! Tell the Schmutz family i say Hi! they are my favorite! Do you see ashley alot? i heard she is prego and due soon. do they have a blog?

Darci said...

Hahahaha I love you! You are hilarious. And I know what you mean...I always hate pictures of myself. I can easily find things that are wrong in them and Jeff does the same thing as Colin, "What are talking about you look good in that picture" and I want to be like, hello do you have eyes??

ashley said...

MASON DOES THE SAME THING!!! why cant they just smile???? haha- that's really funny. And, you look gorgeous in those pics!