Wednesday, April 14, 2010


To the 13 year old boy that prank called me at work today saying explicit things which i will not repeat on this family friendly blog,

First of all, you are disgusting. Second, you should get a new alias name, Michael Jackson the king of pop, is dead. Third, you should get a hobby....or a girlfriend.....or a life. Last, you have a strange way of making me hate my job but laughing about it.

an annoyed customer service representative

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Diggity Dig

This was the scene at our house when I came home from class this morning.
Yes, that is a tractor in our front yard.
And yes, that is our bush that was so heartlessly yanked out and thrown aside.
The joys of being homeowners and
getting unexpected leaks in your basement at the most inconvenient times and having to pay someone to dig up your lawn to find the problem.
So fun.

Oh and Happy Easter.
As you can see from this Easter photo, Easter egg hunts can be slightly stressful but we survived.