Sunday, July 25, 2010

baby boy or baby girl?

So first of all Colin is gone and has left me home all alone. He is in Scotland on a boys trip with his dad and brother, and did I mention I am home all alone? Oh and that i'm sick, nice right? He better be having a lot of fun because he totally owes me when he gets back. I recommended that he get a present for me everyday that he is gone.
We found of the sex of the baby in a little over a week!
(don't worry, Colin will be back)
Is it a baby boy or girl?

The anticipation is killing me.
I've had a feeling it was a girl from the beginning.
But as it's getting closer I'm second guessing myself.
Colin thinks it's a boy.
One of us has to be right.
So what do you think...
Baby boy or baby girl?