Saturday, March 10, 2012


This boy has hit some major milestones the last week.

First of all he is officially walking. I thought it was going to happen any day for the last two months but this little guy takes his sweet time and that's okay with me.
Now he wants to walk when we go places (like the mall or the grocery store) which is very hard because if I don't let him he gets really mad.

The second milestone is related to that. He had his first tantrum/major meltdown at a public place. We were at Sears trying to buy a new dishwasher and he screamed until I let him out of stroller and let him push it. If I tried to touch the stroller he screamed. He was running (seriously running) around Sears pushing this stroller and running into all the appliances. If I tried to direct him he screamed. So I finally picked him up and made him let go of the stroller. You would have thought I was trying kill him. He screamed bloody murder and was flailing his body trying to jump out of my arms. Everyone was staring at me and the poor guys trying to help us with the dishwasher looked uncomfortable. Cooper did not let up. Oh no, he was mad and he was going to let everyone in Sears know. I tried to act like nothing was happening and go on buying the dishwasher. I finally went and waited outside with him while he continued to act like the world was ending. This kid is dramatic. I have no idea where he gets it. Colin seems to have an idea but I don't agree. I think we are in for it with this one.