Thursday, August 30, 2012


Shout out from Denver! We're here.We've actually been here two and half weeks but things have been crazy trying to get settled in. Out decision to move here happened really quickly and everything had to happen fast. Colin was still wait listed at two other schools he really wanted to go to so we put off making any solid plans until the last minute. And then all the sudden we were packing up a u-haul and taking off. We were lucky to quickly find an apartment. It is not the most awesome place in the world, as we have learned. We seem to have some party neighbors that live below us that love them some loud music. Also, being on the third floor my legs are burning from carrying Cooper up and down so many times. But it is in a really nice neighborhood and we are happy here.

Colin is in getting into the swing of school. He was so ready to start and has jumped right in and is doing awesome. He says it's a little different from the atmosphere at BYU, (um.. a lot) but he is loving it and was even made some friends.

We've also some time to get to know the city a little bit. We've tried lots of fun things like the zoo, downtown, the flea market, the malls. the parks. I already love lots of things about this city. 

Me and Coop now hold down the fort here at home while Colin is at school. This change has been a little hard on the little man. I think it may have jumped started the terrible two's. We've had one too many freak outs at ikea or target for my liking. And not everyone is understanding when your child wants to throw himself onto the floor in the middle of the isle screaming, which is totally normal right? I've gotten some nasty looks from people. Oh well. We are working through this change. We are excited to be here and we are really liking it so far although I do miss home a little bit, and knowing people  in the city you live in and little things like that.But Colin and I both feel like this is where the Lord wanted us to be and we are determined to make this a great experience.

Here's a few pics for your viewing pleasure
1. Coop at the zoo
2  A little bit of our apartment (the decorating is a work in progress)
3. The kitchen
4. Cooper before his hair cut
5. After the haircut
6. After the haircut making a ridiculously excited face for his mac and cheese
(most of the pics are in his highchair because the happens to be the only place he will hold still)