Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cooper's blessing day and other stuff

I am going to try to make a real effort to post more often. I honestly enjoy blogging so I don't know why I don't do it more often. Oh, maybe it's because it takes effort and sometimes I'm lazy. But, like I said, I am going to be better.

So Coop Dog went in for his two month appointment last week and guess what? He grew 3 inches, putting him in the 68th percentile for his length! I get that a lot of people probably don't care about this kind of stuff. Honestly, I didn't really care when other people gave these kind of facts before I had a baby. But, as a parent this stuff is really exciting for us. So guess what? You can just stop reading this now if this is boring to you. Okay if you are still reading you may be interested to know he is over 12 lbs now as well. My baby is getting so big. I'm loving his double chin and his fattening thighs. I could kiss them all day long!

We blessed Cooper this last Sunday. We decided to do it at my parents house and I really liked it. It was more intimate and special to just have our family and friends there. Colin did absolutely amazing for a new daddy and I will never forget the special things said in that blessing. I know it was a very special experience for Colin too. I am so lucky to have not only a great husband but he's also just a great daddy to our son. Oh how I love these boys of mine.

Our friend Kim was nice enough to take some pictures of Cooper. Here is some of those pics and also some other cute pictures I unprofessionally took of the kiddo.

Caution: there may be some baby nudity. I had to do the bath tub shot. It's just too cute. Cooper may hate me for it in about 15 years but oh well.