Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Random Randomness

So I have alot of random thoughts that go on in my mind. Don't ask me why and don't judge me.

  • Why do I have such crazy dreams? Does it mean something is wrong with me? I have dreams that people are chasing me and trying to kill me. I have dreams (like the one I had last night) that bears attack me and eat part of me. And don't worry these dreams are totally bloody and grusome. I don't watch alot of gorey movies so what the heck is wrong with me? Why don't I just dream of fluffy dogs and pretty things like that? And another question, how does Colin's snores work there way in to the my dreams? Totally crazy that the bear growls in my dream were actually him snoring.

  • Why would you ever prank call a lawn service company? I could think of alot of places that would be fun to prank call but a lawn service company is not one of them. I'm sure many of you know i am a receptionist at one and the other day a boy called and asked if instead of making his lawn green can we make it yellow. I obviously told him no and he proceeded to ask me all sorts of other dumb questions. You have got to be pretty dang bored if you thinking asking someone to make your lawn yellow is funny. I acted like I was mad because I don't have time for crap like that (which is not true I have plenty of time for any sort of crap that distracts me from my boring job)

  • I think that I need to get a hobby. Like when people think about me I want them to think "oh yeah Marissa is way good at (whatever new hobby I decide to acquire). Maybe I could get really good at making cakes or poker or water coloring. The possibilites are endless!

  • If I could have a super power what would it be? And would I use it for the good of the world or my own personal gain, or heaven help us all..... for evil? Me and Colin's new recent obsession is the TV show Heroes. We watched the whole first season in one weekend. (lazy butt's I know but hey I was sick ok?) So I think i would pick invisibility because then I could totally spy on people and watch all the funny things people do when no one is watching. I bet people do some pretty strange things when they think they are alone.... okay so that sounded like I'm a creepy... I'm not.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Colin's run in with the law

So he's a little story from our Montana trip that I found quite hilarious and I like sharing it because it proves that I was right. So we went to Canada for a day, it rained the whole entire time, long drive and mega rain not so great, but it was beautiful and we got a Canada mug in Waterton that I believe was well worth the trip.

So on the way back into the United States while we are waiting in line at the border Colin has to go to the bathroom. I guess it was quite urgent. His first idea was the he can just run into the forest right by the road and pee. I voted jumping from your car and running into the forrest right at the border with a large beard was not a good idea. So his next idea was that he would just get out and walk up to the border and ask if they had a restroom. I also voted that this idea was not so great but Colin's small bladder thought otherwise.

He got out and started walked towards the small building at the border and and an officer of the law walked towards him with his hand on his weapon. (I'm watching this all safely from the car) Colin puts his hands up defensively and tell him he's just looking for the bathroom. The guy told him he has to get back in his vehicle immediately. Then he added to try the Canadians because they are a little nicer. (true that) He got back in the car and when we got our turn to cross the border the man gave Colin a harsh lecture about approaching the border on foot. Colin tried to defend himself saying he just had to go to the bathroom and laugh it off but this guy had no sense of humor. Jumping the border was no laughing matter.

Moral of the Story... do not try to approach the US border on foot no matter how bad you have to pee.... and, Marissa was right.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hello Blog. It's been awhile

So I haven't posted in awhile. Things have been super busy. I think this up coming weekend is the first weekend we will be spending at home in like 2 monthes and boy am I excited for it. Our ward probably thinks we are inactive. (we're not don't you worry). We've been all over the place including the beautiful state of Montana and the always fun Lake Powell. We went to Montana for a whole week with my family and Colin and I decided we are going to move there someday. It is so darn beautiful and deep inside I think we are country folk anyway. We just need to live relatively close to a big city so I can go shopping and don't have to make my own clothes and churn my own butter and things like that. It was a blast and fun to be with the whole fam.

Last week we went to Lake Powell the wholeSchmutz family. Can I just say that if I had my choice I would live on a house boat my whole summer. It was so flippin fun and nice to have the whole everyone there. Colin is awesome on the wakeboard. Let's just say I'm really sore from my experience on the wakeboard, enough said. unfortuanely I got a little lazy with the camera while we were there and I think I was a total of one picture. I know I'm kicking my self in the butt for it.