Thursday, October 8, 2009

slight problem

So I have a problem...

I always want to go shopping.
I always want to by new things.
I always want to spend money.

The reason this is a problem is because we are poor starving students and don't have money to spend. I have been refraining from going on a shopping spree for a very long time, mostly because Colin always wants to by new things and as the responsible wife I have to restrain him and remind him of what is most fall wardrobe. Ok no not really. If I told him that he would be super bugged. He thinks I already have way too many clothes. Just because I overly fill my closet, a dresser, and the whole bedroom floor with clothes does not mean that I don't need more right?

I did not used to have this problem, because whenever I had an itching for something new I would go out and buy something and my needs would be satisfied. All I'm saying is Colin better watch his wallet. A girl can only restrain herself so long. And since I've gone without for so long I'm going to need a lot to satisfy my needs.

ps I want these boots

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whitney said...

omg. we have the same problem. i've been DYING to go shopping recently. maybe we should forgo the soup/pumpkins/apples and just go shopping with that money??