Thursday, October 29, 2009

Carlos Looser

Why is Boozer still in a Utah Jazz uniform. Lets take a trip back down memory lane, shall we? Last December after a road loss, Boozer stated, "I am getting a raise no matter what." he told us he was opting out and we began planning for the future. Fast forward to this offseason, Boozer looks around and no one wanted him, so he opted in to his final year with the Jazz. This put the Jazz in a horrible financial position and infuriated fans. Fast forward another few months, Boozer tells the media that he and the Jazz have agreed to trade him and then tells them he would love to play in Chicago or Miami. This last act of defiance ruined any chance he had of redeeming himself in the eyes of loyal Jazz fans. After his outrageous comments it is discovered that neither the Bulls nor the Heat want him. So typical of Jazz brass, nothing happens. Boozer works out all summer and starts on opening night. Then he puts up the performance of a life time, making 1 of his first 10 shots. What a start. I can see why he thinks he is worth $15 million a year.

Thank you Carlos Boozer for giving me a reason to love the Jazz even more. P.S. how about that raise?


Marissa said...

amen baby amen! Boozer sucks you rock!

scottie said...

hahhahahhaah as i was reading this i was thinking it was Marissa that posted it the whole time. hahhaaha i was like daaaaang colin marissa knows her shiz.... then i got day dreaming about my wife actually being a Jazz fan instead of a Mavs fan.... then i woke up.

anyway. good post col. maybe i should start turning my wife's blog into a sports blog.... brilliant! im sure she will love it.