Friday, September 25, 2009

School Sucks, Fall Rocks

So I'm coming to realize being in school is way less fun that not being in school. I love learning new things and being productive in that way, but homework and writing papers sucks! But I love this fall weather that we recently got a peek of. Fall is my favorite season. I love wearing sweaters which I can finally start doing again.

Here's Colin ready to go to school. So scandalous as you can tell by his face. Isn't he a cute little school boy with his backpack and glasses?

We went camping with some of our friends. It was so fun! I think Colin (and trev) live for being up in the mountains and building fires. Luckily no bears ate us even though we left the food out over night. I insisted that we out it in the car but the boys seemed to think my fear of bears was childish or staged... both very false. We only got rained on a little bit in the morning.. ok kind of a lot but it was still fun.

Brad Paisley! I freaking love you. The concert was so awesome, and a way better option that whatever else was going on that night (the terrible BYU game) I know Colin was kind of bummed at first about missing the game but after listening to it on the way up we were completely satisfied with our decision. Brad was amazing. I only rained a little bit haha.
I made a cake! okay so it doesn't look professional but it freaking took me all night and it tasted delicious. After one failed cake (don't ask) I ended up with this beautiful chocolate strawberry cake. Cake decorating may not be in my future. I don't think I possess those skills.


whitney said...

i love the apron! and did you cut your hair? cause it looks shorter. super cute.

Tyson & Gina said...

Hey Marissa! Thanks for your comment. As you probably noticed I had already found your blog. Don't ask me how though cause I have no memory lol. You guys look so happy and it's fun to keep up with you! :)

bonbon said...

Marissa I lover your blog it is so random and funny. Like the letter to kanye west about taylor swift. I was dying. You are a basketcase.

Andrew and Caitlin said...

haha I like your blog!! Thanks for sharing! You two are adorable!