Wednesday, October 14, 2009

my baby is a fast learner

I love flowers around the house. A vase full of flowers in my kitchen makes my heart happy and plus a girl always wants a man to buy her flowers. I would love it to be a surprise but I'll settle for less if I must. So I started subtly with my man.

Me: Wouldn't it be nice to have some flowers around the house? It would really bring some life to this place.

Colin: yeah it would, you should buy some.

Me: (Silence)

He wasn't exactly getting the point. I don't want to buy my own flowers. When people see them and say,"What beautiful flowers" I want to say, "Yeah my awesome husband bought them for me. Isn't he just so sweet?!" Maybe I am unrealistic. I mean I can't expect every night for him to come home with a bouquet of roses, kiss my feet, and serenade me with a song about how lucky he is to have me. (even though that would be awesome, probably not realistic.)

Anways, one day we were in a little disagreement. I don't even remember what it was about but all the sudden (don't even know where it came from) I throw in, "Well you don't even buy me flowers!" So rude I know. Colin seemed to be confused by this and didn't really respond to it. He was probably racking his brain trying to remember if i had told him to buy me flowers. (I clearly had but I guess not in man language)

So maybe a week later, we are chilling at home and Colin says he has to go Lowe's (he really meant Home Depot, he gets them mixed up a lot but I always correct him to his annoyment) I volunteer to stay home and hold down the fort because he always spends a million years in there. When he comes home he walks in with the most beautiful bouquet of grocery store flowers I've ever seen. The man bought me flowers! I was so happy. He is a sweetie even if i takes a little bit of probing.

So my flowers sit on my kitchen table where I admire them often and there they will stay until they are completely dead. My baby is a fast learner. When your wife says some flowers around the house would look nice, this means buy me some freaking flowers or pay for it.


Darci said...

hahaha Marissa I love you. You crack me up...and good job Colin!!

bonbon said...

Rissa when I saw your title "My baby is a fast learner" I thought for sure you were preggo. Wow. Really gave me a little scare there.