Tuesday, November 3, 2009

a few random insights into our faulous lives

First of all Colin is now going to the blog sports commentator. Jazz season has official begun, my husband now is partially mine and partially a slave to the jazz games. yahoo.

So Friday was my last day at my old job. I was kind of sad leaving. I will definitely miss the girls there and the feminine conversation. I will not miss the crouchy costumers and my small cubicle. I started my new job yesterday. The crappy part is that the training for for one month and the training hours are 2-8:30, which suckssss! I really don't like it. I got home yesterday totally exhausted and went to bed. I'm such a loser, but It's only for one month. We can do just about anything for one month right?!

Our murder mystery party was a success! I think everyone had fun because we sure did. We all dressed up and the costumes rocked! My husband looked like a legit inspector, so hot. Anyways i think we will have to do it again sometime.
Colin has become quite the handy man and made the headboard our bed and what did I do? well I made the bed. And now I am noticing that the bedspread in not straight and now I am bugged by this picture.
Our awesome pumpkins that we carved. I think mine is better.


whitney said...

the party was a HUGE success! we loved it. definitely need to throw more parties in the future

Katie said...

Remember how you invited me to that party and then all the sudden I wasn't invited anymore? Anyway, cute pics. I haven't seen you in a while. You should come by sometime. Maybe watch the Jazz games here.