Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hello Blog. It's been awhile

So I haven't posted in awhile. Things have been super busy. I think this up coming weekend is the first weekend we will be spending at home in like 2 monthes and boy am I excited for it. Our ward probably thinks we are inactive. (we're not don't you worry). We've been all over the place including the beautiful state of Montana and the always fun Lake Powell. We went to Montana for a whole week with my family and Colin and I decided we are going to move there someday. It is so darn beautiful and deep inside I think we are country folk anyway. We just need to live relatively close to a big city so I can go shopping and don't have to make my own clothes and churn my own butter and things like that. It was a blast and fun to be with the whole fam.

Last week we went to Lake Powell the wholeSchmutz family. Can I just say that if I had my choice I would live on a house boat my whole summer. It was so flippin fun and nice to have the whole everyone there. Colin is awesome on the wakeboard. Let's just say I'm really sore from my experience on the wakeboard, enough said. unfortuanely I got a little lazy with the camera while we were there and I think I was a total of one picture. I know I'm kicking my self in the butt for it.

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