Friday, August 7, 2009

Colin's run in with the law

So he's a little story from our Montana trip that I found quite hilarious and I like sharing it because it proves that I was right. So we went to Canada for a day, it rained the whole entire time, long drive and mega rain not so great, but it was beautiful and we got a Canada mug in Waterton that I believe was well worth the trip.

So on the way back into the United States while we are waiting in line at the border Colin has to go to the bathroom. I guess it was quite urgent. His first idea was the he can just run into the forest right by the road and pee. I voted jumping from your car and running into the forrest right at the border with a large beard was not a good idea. So his next idea was that he would just get out and walk up to the border and ask if they had a restroom. I also voted that this idea was not so great but Colin's small bladder thought otherwise.

He got out and started walked towards the small building at the border and and an officer of the law walked towards him with his hand on his weapon. (I'm watching this all safely from the car) Colin puts his hands up defensively and tell him he's just looking for the bathroom. The guy told him he has to get back in his vehicle immediately. Then he added to try the Canadians because they are a little nicer. (true that) He got back in the car and when we got our turn to cross the border the man gave Colin a harsh lecture about approaching the border on foot. Colin tried to defend himself saying he just had to go to the bathroom and laugh it off but this guy had no sense of humor. Jumping the border was no laughing matter.

Moral of the Story... do not try to approach the US border on foot no matter how bad you have to pee.... and, Marissa was right.

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