Sunday, June 6, 2010


Summer is finally here and with it has brought campfires, lawn mowing and allergies. I love the warm weather. This weekend Marissa and I cooked some TFD's (tin foil dinners) with Lane/Kim and Scott/Whit. It was awesome. We cooked the potatoes and carrots to perfection. I am convinced that is what makes a good TFD. I have also started golfing again. I forgot how much I love the smell of fresh cut grass and the sound of steel striking the dimpled shell of a golf ball. It is truly intoxicating. I have decided that I am going to play a minimum of two times per week. Marissa doesn't always support me in this, but she let's it slide most of the time. I am going to Scotland in July and am looking forward to playing St. Andrews. Most of you might not know, but Scotland is the birthplace of golf. St. Andrews is one of the oldest and most prestigious golf courses on Earth. I can't wait to tee it up and let it fly. I will let you know how it goes. This also irks Riss because it is a guys only trip and she isn't coming. I know that is harsh, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity! Sorry sweetheart, I love you, hopefully you still love me. Oh and did I mention, Braveheart is one of my favorite movies. We are going to go to the Highlands and take a castle hike. Man, I am stoked!!
Another thing I am looking forward to is getting out of school. I only have two more weeks of grueling studies and then I am free for two months. It is going to be amazing. Once I am out of school, Riss and I look forward to relaxing and yard work.... So i guess there are pluses and minuses of being out of school. But I think the pluses out way the minuses.
So Riss just caught me posting and ruined the moment, I think I am blogged out for the time being.


Kim said...

Sweet post! Hopefully Lane will see your awesome post and maybe blog some more on our blog. I like the way he tells stories. Definitely tells them better than me! :)

Katie said...

Colin! Haven't you seen and Rissa in forever! ...the end...