Tuesday, April 17, 2012

the waiting game

My amazingly smart husband is going to be graduating on Friday. I am so very proud of him. However this is not the end of school for him.

Back in December he applied to about a dozen law schools and we have been anxiously awaiting the mail ever since in hopes of getting responses back to find out where we will be come fall. The one we have been most anxious to hear from is BYU. If he gets into BYU then we will stay here and won't have to move, have amazingly cheap tuition, be close to family, etc.

We were supposed to hear by April 1st but the day passed and nothing. Everyday I would run out to mailbox and be so mad when there was nothing there.

A girl needs to plan if she is going to be uprooting her family and moving to a different state in a few months you know!?

So yesterday Colin got an email from BYU (go figure? We've been looking in the mail everyday and they send us a stupid email.) And...... he has been waitlisted. While this is good news that he wasn't rejected I can't help but be disappointed. More Waiting!

We have some great options though. Our first choice right now, from schools he has been accepted to, is probably University of Denver. We are also thinking of Gonzaga University which is in Spokane, WA. There are a few other schools that he has been wait listed at as well that we would like to go to including schools in Virgina and Arizona. So we could be anywhere come fall.

Here is the thing with the wait list. It is possible you could be waiting all summer and they could accept you like the day before class starts. What the heck? How lame is that?

I'm not getting my hopes up for BYU. We are just acting like we are going to be moving and if he gets into BYU great, and if not that's great too. I really don't even care at this point I just want to know! (well, I do care but you get the point).

We really are so lucky that Colin has gotten into some great schools and even got some great scholarship offers so I'm not complaining. I just want to know where I'm going to be living for the next 3 years. Is that too much to ask?!


Darci Gardner said...

POOP! I want you to stay here!!! But if you go to Denver I guess I will just have to visit you there :)

Kim said...

Good luck! Thats such a bummer to be still waiting... so sorry! Hang in there!

The Gertsch's said...

K we live in Spokane!!!!! Gonzaga is a great school and my husband goes to school at WSU right by GU. ANyway, we love it here!! Good luck! I know all about the waiting game..:)

Cierra::The Yellow House said...

Congrats on graduation! It sucks to wait on such a big life decision. I hope you get things figured out soon, & that you guys end up in Spokane! Ha ha! Can't wait to see you this weekend. It's been too long!!

Brittani said...

Yuck! Like you, I need to plan. I hope you gear soon.