Monday, January 9, 2012

I have so much blog catching up to do!

I am going to post about our trip to the Philippines I promise. I have tons of pictures which you may or may not be interested in but I think they are pretty cool. You will have to wait though. I am going to save that for another day and tell you about this last Friday.

It was a big day.

Coop turned 1.

Can you believe it? I can't.

It's freaky how fast time goes. One minute you have this tiny newborn and you have no idea what you're doing and the next thing you know a whole year has past and they are still alive and healthy and happy and you think maybe I kind of do know what I'm doing. It's crazy!

I'm just so grateful to have this little guy in my life. I'm often caught off guard randomly throughout the day and think, "I'm so lucky. I love this little boy more then I ever knew I could."

Just a little bit of an update on what Cooper is up to these days.

- He's close to walking (I think). I think he could do it right now if he had the desire.
-His favorite word is ball and he says it all the time. He points at everything and says ball. Needless to say we are working on teaching him that not everything is a ball.
- He is a very picky eater and it drives me nuts!
- He pulls the best fake cry face when he wants my attention.
- He loves to throw things. Anything you put in his hand he will chuck as hard as he can. This includes cell phones. And sometimes those cell phones break and dad gets really mad. Oops!

Cooper was lucky and got a few different birthday celebrations including one in the Philippines. Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure.

Happy Birthday Cooper!


Darci said...

Happy birthday Coop!!!

Leanne said...

I love all the back stories happening here. Look at all the photos and look at everyone except Coop. Funny. Love!

whitney said...

Yay! So glad you guys are back! Happy birthday Coop dog!

Kenny, Brittani, and Shiloh said...

I can't believe he is 1! Shiloh turns 1 at the end of this month... Crazy that it has already been a year for you guys. Coop is sooo cute!

Cami said...

Oh my gosh! In one of those pictures in the high chair, he looks just like Garrett did when he was a baby. Weird!

The Byrd Family said...

I just can't get over that face! He is so adorable.

Barratt Family said...

He is so cute marissa! my little girl emma just turned one also! it is such a fun age! maybe they will be friends!