Sunday, May 15, 2011

My First Project

I have attempted my first sewing project on my new sewing machine. I thought I would start with something quite simple like a pillow. Well it took my a lot longer then I thought it would. Let's just say I had to figure out my sewing machine, but I think the next project will go much faster. It definitely isn't perfect but it's just for me so I don't care.

You can find the tutorial here.

I'm on the lookout for some more fun projects. If you know any fun craft blogs or DIY sites feel free to pass on the wisdom.


ashley schmutz said...

that is SO CUTE! did you use a pattern? or tutorial? i wanna get my hands on those directions!

yours truly dear said...

cute pillow! you should check out the blog "make it and love it". she has tons of awesome stuff on there all the time! :)

Kristin said...

that is way cute!! loves it. I heart bows. You rock!!