Monday, March 22, 2010

we are the champions my friend

(yes he is as sweaty as he appears, and yes I am touching him)

Look at my amazingly athletic, all-star husband. I am a proud wife tonight.
Colin's team pulled out the big win tonight. They are the champions of all the six feet and under teams in all of Provo.
(okay so let's just forget the part about them being in the consolation bracket and only winning two regular season games)
Basically, I was thrilled they won because if they lost they would have to play a second game tonight starting at 8:30. As much as I love these game I was not down with that so I told him that he had to win or else (and other encouraging words to pump him up) and I guess it worked.
They won a T shirt and I thought that was pretty cool under I saw that the losing team got shirts too.
Hmm..whatever, but they have the title at least.
Good season boys.


bonbon said...

Please tell me there really is a basketball league for six feet and under. That is HILARIOUS.

Lindsey said...

Congrats guys!!! I feel so proud!