Thursday, March 18, 2010

celebrity siting

Okay I don't know if you would really consider him a celebrity but I would. I came within arms reach of, are you ready for this?
Kyle Korver .

I think I have mentioned on this blog before that I have a crush on him.
Colin said that if the opportunity arose he would be fine if I went out with him and I told him if the opportunity arose he could go out with Jessica Biel (like that is going to happen).
Anyways, we were at the gateway in Salt Lake standing outside of a restaurant with some of Colin's old mission buddies we went out with, then it happened...Kyle and his girlfriend, I suppose because they we holding hands and acting all starry eyed, walked towards us.
Colin noticed him and Kyle tried to pull his hat down to act more conspicuous. Then as they passed us Colin said,
"Hey nice shotting lately Kyle."
and then he said,
"Thank you."
He talked to us!
Well Colin but that basically means me too.
I kind of couldn't stop talking about it the whole night.
I'm pretty sure Colin got jealous. (Love you way move then him babycakes)

moving on....

My bracket is screwed. Colin said that if I beat him we could go to Olive Garden (heavenly food) and he wouldn't complain at all. When a large majority of my teams lost today I asked him if we could still go there and he said sure so now I don't really care how my bracket turns out.

Oh, and go BYU!


Kim said...

You are too funny Marissa! That's cool that Colin talked to him! What a fun night!

Leanne said...

Okay, so! I love the pic you chose...his mouth is open and you can almost visualize how it would be to, (wiping brow) so sorry...back to my comment. That is so awesome!!! How does one become the girlfriend of Kyle Korver!!!! Oh, and if you go to Olive guessed it, I got a coupon for you!!!! Love ya.