Sunday, December 6, 2009


Welcome to the world Mr. Nathan Reed Tressler.

This is the newest edition to the family.
My sister Leanne's 4th baby.
That now puts the niece and nephew count at 10 for us.
I love new born babies.
I love looking at their tiny perfect little bodies and thinking they just came directly from heaven.
I sometimes get overwhelmed thinking of being a mother someday, I'm not equiped to be completely in charge of someone else's life and make sure they grow up to be a decent human being. How do I teach them everything they need to know and be like the awesome mom I had? Then I look at a little baby like this and realize I could do it. Heaven knows I'm not ready right now, but someday I will be. And I'm excited about that someday.

And I'm pretty sure this guy will be a great daddy. Someday.


Darci said...

Cute baby! I want one! Will you go through pregnancy for me and just give me the baby afterward? That is what friends are for...right?

whitney said...

whatever. you know you're ready for one. you guys should start a trend in our group and start having little ones.