Thursday, November 3, 2011

Race Day

So... we survived. But I was hard. Like really hard. The first 9 miles or so were cake. It was all down hill and I felt good. The last two miles were torture but we made it through. I'm not sharing my time because I honestly don't know. I didn't look at the clock when we got in. I just didn't even think about it. Anyways, I felt good about how I did so the time doesn't really matter that much to me.

My dad and Colin and I stayed together the whole time and it honestly was fun. Time seemed to pass quickly except those last two miles I mentioned. They did not go by quickly.

Here is a picture of us right before the race started. I was a 80's something or other. I had theses awesome hot pink tights that you unfortunately can't see. Seriously, a few people mentioned how awesome they were during the race. I don't really know what Colin is. A basketballer? and we have no idea (my dad included) what he is. He claims he was a Japenese jester. Notice how happy and fresh we look.

These are the after pictures. Needless to say we (meaning me) look a little had. Although I felt like I might collapse at the end, it was a great feeling to know that you just accomplished something you never thought you could. Colin was on a high at the end and felt so good he ran and got the car for us. I couldn't really move. Col claims he wants to do another one, maybe even a full marathon! I'm not so sure.

I'm so glad that Colin and I were able to do this together. It was awesome to have him to push me at some points and I had to push him at some points. I'm also glad that I wasn't the only one hobbling around like a fool the few days following the race. We looked like fools together. It was quite pathetic.

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ashley schmutz said...

you look ROCKING! dang. it makes me wanna get into running...