Wednesday, October 12, 2011

9 months

A common conversation in our house includes talking about how big/old Cooper is getting. Then it usually leads into how cute he is and how did we get so lucky. I know, kind of a mushy, but this is something I think about often. Cooper is such a good baby and has such a happy and content disposition. He definitely has his moments but he is generally low maintenance and just goes with the flow when I drag him along with me everywhere I go. Where he got his mellow disposition, I have no idea, but I'm thankful for it. I'm just waiting for my next baby to be a terror so I can get a taste of my own medicine because as my mother's informed me I was not as sweet and happy as Cooper.

Coop Man is nine months old. Where did the time go? He's been out a of my belly as long as he has been in. Woah! There must be something about having kids that makes time go by faster right? My baby is becoming less of a baby everyday and looking and acting more like a little boy. It is the strangest thing to realize he actually understands some of the things I say. It makes me realize I better be saying the right things. I suspect he picks up on much more then I initially think. Sometimes Colin and I will be talking while driving in the car and randomly we'll here a giggle from the backseat. Cooper thinks the most random things that Colin says and does are so funny. Everyday when Colin gets home he gets down on all fours and plays with Cooper. Coop thinks it's the greatest thing that ever happened to him. I love watching it. I'm not quite as funny to him or entertaining but I'm a much better snuggler so I'm good for something.

I took Cooper in for his nine month appointment and he looks happy and healthy. He is in the 25 % for his length and 21% for his weight. Yup, he's kind of a shrimp. But he's in the 50% for his head. So I'm not really sure if that means his head in normal and his body is small so his head is too big for his body. Yeah I'm not going to think about that one that hard.

Cooper at nine months..
  • Is still is doing the army crawl. And he's pretty dang fast so don't mess! He gets anywhere and everywhere. He gets into everything, opens drawers and cupboards and takes everything out. Every second I'm not looking he's trying to crawl into the bathroom. Gross.
  • Pulls himself up. In just the last two weeks he's gotten really good. I love going to get him in his crib and finding him standing up waiting for me.
  • Is a little too attached to mom. If I'm in the same room with him he won't let anyone else hold him even Colin most of the time. Whenever someone new talks to him while I'm holding him he will bury his head into me and not look at them. It's kind of funny. His only word is mama and he says it all the time.
  • No teeth yet. I think he's a little late on that. The longer he doesn't have sharp things to bit me with the better for me.
  • Loves cars and balls. A true boy.
This little boy is such a blessing in our life. He makes me laugh all the time and I'm just glad he's ours.


The Gertsch's said...

he seriously so cute. Not like...he's a cute little boy, I mean he's like seriously good looking! You guys are lucky!! Hope things are good for your family!

whitney said...

What a little stud! I can't believe how big he is. Can't wait to see him, and of course you guys, this weekend! It's been way too long!

Kim said...

He is such a little handsome guy! Just like his devilishly good-looking parents!