Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Great News

Cooper had his last follow up appointment and we got some great news. All is perfectly normal. All the tests came back normal and my little guy is perfectly healthy and fully recovered. Thanks for all the prayers. I was expecting the worst and was so happy to hear he was okay. We feel so incredibly blessed through this whole thing.

So with all that mess behind us we headed out to California for Colin's little brothers wedding. It was a party! We had so much fun. But it was a quick trip. Really quick. Most of the time was spent in the car. And with an eight month old that's not always the most fun experience. But we survived. Sorry no pics of the wedding. That's how lame I am. But I got some of Cooper. This is honestly how he spent the majority of the trip. Bless his little heart..

Now if that last picture doesn't make you smile I don't know if anything will.

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