Thursday, February 10, 2011

picture overload!

This little guys is 5 weeks old today

Honestly though, it feels like he's been with us much longer then that.
It is so fun to see how much he has changed.
I'm getting to know this little guy and all his little quirks because we get to hang out all day together. Here is some fun things about Cooper.
  • He is a mellow little boy. Most of the time he just sits and looks around with his big eyes, chill as could be.
  • Whenever he throws up he gets this looks on his face like he is embarrassed. His eyes get really big and he holds really still. It is quite funny. (except in the middle of the night when he throws up all over me and the bed, that's not funny)
  • He is a genius. They say babies start socially smiling at about 4 weeks, but I swear this kid was doing it at 2 weeks. What an overachiever.
  • He already doesn't like to be bundled and cuddled too close. He wants his legs and arms free to kick and move or just to sprawl out. When I try to cuddle him too close sometimes he freaks until I put him down and then he is totally content.
  • If you haven't noticed, this kid has quite the hair. It is so long in the back that I catch him all the time pulling his own hair. He will literally grab a chunk and pull, but he seems to like it. weird.
  • We got lots of nick name for him already, including, Coop, Coop Dog, Snooper, Cooper Pooper, Kiddo, Little Man, and Coopie. Poor kid won't know his real name.
  • Cooper is definitely a daddy's boy. I try so hard to make him smile doing ridiculous voices and I hardly get anything but when Colin comes home he lights up and is all smiles. Drives me nuts, but I must admit it's cute.Take a look for yourself..

We are so blessed to have this kiddo. He is so cool. I told Colin I think Heavenly Father knew that for the first one I needed a really good baby or may not have any more kids. It's a good thing we got him!

He's some cute pictures of the Coop Dog.

Oh and Cooper got a new cousin. My sister Cami had her baby last week.
Cooper and Anna are almost exactly a month apart. When we put them next to each other I almost died. My little Cooper looked like a giant! He has grown so much already.
Here is evidence of the hair pulling!

So the big news of the last month has of course been Cooper but there has been other things going on the past month.

Let's see..

Colin's been sick with the flu once and some stomach bug/food poisoning once as well.

I've had kidney stones (yes kidney stones) which required a trip to the emergency room and some strong pain killers.
It was the second most painful thing of my life. The first being childbirth. And they both happened within a month. So not fair. I don't want to be back in the hospital for a long time.

Our fridge broke. It just died and all our food went bad. It was a sad day. I cried. (literally. I blame it on the postpartum hormones) We now have a new fridge and after a long trip the
grocery store it is fully stocked again.

And last but not least Colin's dad has been called to serve as a mission president an
d we have been anxiously awaiting the call to see when they will be going. It came today and they will be serving in... The Philippines! Cebu City in the Philippines to be exact. How crazy is that!?
So we will be spending next Christmas on the sunny beaches of the Philippines.
Congrats Evan and Cindy!

As these pictures show we were all a little surprised.


Rosemary said...
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Kim said...

so cute! I love hearing about little coop! And Colin's parents faces! Those pictures are priceless!

ashley schmutz said...

count down til crhistmas!!!!! you + me + husbands watching babies + beach chairs = HEAVEN! haha. i LOVE those pictures of your little guy! oh, i already miss him so much! and those pictures of the mission call opening... they are AMAZING! now i know what to picture when I remember hearing all of that screaming!!!! what a crazy moment!

and kidney stones? WHAT? that's crazy!

Kristin said...

aaaaah i love his little onesie with the tie!! So cute!

The Byrd Family said...

So, so fun! I love all the pictures of Cooper, and those pictures of Evan and Cindy are great! What a wonderful Christmas awaits you :)

Look forward to seeing you Saturday.

Darci said...

He is so cute. I loved the video. Colin is a cute dad. Mona loved the video too. She wouldn't stop staring at it.

allie kowallis said...

I don't know if you remember meeting me but I was friends with Colin back in high school. We were in the same ward growing up. Anyway, congrats on your darling little Cooper. Being a parent is the best isn't it? Enjoy everything good and bad thing cause it really does fly by! Tell Colin I say hello!