Thursday, August 12, 2010


Here is a quick update on what we've been up to lately via pictures

Vegas baby!
(note to self: never ever go to Vegas in August ever again. It should be illegal to be that hot)

Colin is getting old! Can't believe I'm married to a 25 year old.

Family in town, yay!

Vacationing in St. George with our friends
(pretty much a lot of hot weather, golfing, and shopping. It was so fun!)

And I've been very busy cooking a baby.
Half way done!


yours truly dear said...

wow you're looking good mama! baby seems to be growing fast! i'm used to darci where you didn't even know she was pregnant til like 35 weeks tho haha. and is disgusting in the summer. boo.

Kim said...

You are so dang cute Marissa! I love the prego pic! :)

Barratt Family said...

wow you look so good! what a cute prego belly!

Molly and David said...

So you may or may not remember me... I was in your freshmen ward (I believe I visit taught you:). Anyways, I happened upon your blog. First of all, congrats and you look great! That is so exciting!
Also, I love your kitchen cabinets in the 20 week picture of you. I am wanting to redo our cabinets. Did you paint them? I would love to know the color/any techniques you used. You can write me back on here or on my blog-

Josh and Jackie said...

Hey Kim just gave me her blog yesterday and I found yours...We need to have more football parties soon..Cute blog by the way.